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What We Do

Translation and trade services

Translation of various language services, text translation, on-site translation, trade negotiation meeting translation

Network services and offline market services

Provide foreign customers with all kinds of services, such as accommodation, visa, conference negotiation and other trade activities

Web design and text translation instructions

Product web design, text translation, product promotion, B/C web production
About Us

Yiwu Jinfu Network Technology Studio is a web development and design agency focused on getting things done and achieving results. Far too many agencies are ready to impress you with fine words without taking the action needed to make it happen. That’s not us. We are here to do the groundwork, bring your vision to life, and help you achieve your goals. That takes real dedication and hard work.

Finding solutions, building products and maximising potential is our lifeblood. We are experts you can trust whether it’s front-end or back-end development, UI or UX design, and planning or post-development. Let us find the right strategy for you.

Everything we do is driven by data analytics, measurable results, creative solutions and cutting-edge innovation. There’s a big difference between talking a good game and actually making it work. We know how to transform your idea with the right strategy and deliver the best customer experience. That means using every possible method and tool to finish in style. It’s our pledge to you.

Our experience includes a proven track record of online consumer brands. We have specialist knowhow in socially-focused communication platforms and projects.

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Our Digital Toolbox

Translation and trade services

Our professional translation team, more than 10 years of foreign trade salesman more than 10 people, to help you accurately find customer groups. Provide accurate and high quality translation services. We wholesale trade in electronic products, clothing, daily necessities and so on. A variety of species. According to your needs can find your satisfactory products in Yiwu City.

Network services and offline market services

Bylifecirclepds Trading Firm has rich experience in overseas trading platform cooperation. According to your products, we can help you develop the corresponding sales data model. We are not only familiar with local products, factories and processing enterprises in Yiwu. We also have a lot of experience in online platforms. If your product needs to go global, expand sales channels. We will give you satisfactory service and results

Web design and text translation instructions

We have a professional team of designers, proficient in the design of coredraw, photoshop, Ai, 3d and other professional design software, so that your advertising beautiful and moving. Excellent foreign language product instructions, so that your products in all regions of the world to get efficient promotion.

Trade advice and cooperation

Our consultant team is always ready to discuss all your needs. We have accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources and product providers, and will participate in various product exchanges in Yiwu every year. We can help you find buyers for your products, and we can help sellers find the right products. We need you to join us. Let's work together to promote your business.
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